Building Data-Driven Cultures
through Hands-On Support

The WOS Advantage

Trusted by small businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises alike, Power BI empowers decision makers to get the most out of their data, making growth-driving decisions with confidence. By partnering with our seasoned Microsoft Certified Data Analysts, your organization can:

• Adopt Power BI with frictionless integrations across multiple departments

• Develop actionable skills for seamless experiences on every level 

• Save time by offloading maintenance-intensive tasks 

• Build more robust business strategies with accelerated goal accomplishment

• Build more robust business strategies with accelerated goal accomplishment 

With cross-industry expertise, our specialists free up your team’s schedule, meaning more time spent on the high-ROI efforts driving your bottom line. All the while, we ensure that Power BI complements your existing workflows. Ultimately, we believe that data should work for your organization, not the other way around.

Our services

Our flexible team adjusts to your organization, determining the exact level of support you need to get the most out of Power BI. Our services include:

• Tailored dashboards that convey the insight you need in stunning, easy-to-navigate displays

• 360° reporting for the KPIs and performance metrics that matter most 

 • Data migrations to ensure uninterrupted continuity (including SSRS and Tableau) 

 • Actionable skills training for your team to build technical proficiency

• Power BI monitoring and tune-ups for streamlined performance 

 • Ongoing support, recommendations, and troubleshooting for smooth functionality  

 • and more

Going Beyond Managed Service


Through our Power BI Managed Service, we not only provide hands-on technical support, but also guide your team toward getting the most out of this innovative business intelligence platform. With a combination of skills training and ongoing support, we weave data into the fabric of your organization’s culture. As a result, you can manage budgetary decisions, seasonal surges, investor requests, and organizational pivots with greater clarity.

For a tailored look at how our Power BI Managed Service can elevate your operations, simply enter your email below. From there, a member of our support team will get in touch.

Our onboarding process

As a decision-maker, you have meetings to attend, teams to oversee, and partners to collaborate with. There’s no time for disruptions. That’s why at WOS, we walk you through a seamless onboarding process designed to optimize, not overhaul your existing strategy. In turn, you can make result-driven decisions with a higher probability of success.

Initial Assessment

After getting to know your organization’s unique goals, existing processes, and common challenges, we begin determining how our Power BI Managed Service can help.

Contractual Alignment

With your growth at heart, we determine exactly how our experts can serve as an extension of your team, drafting a holistic contract to outline our work scope and KPIs.

Technical Integrations

Having established clear objectives, we begin working within your environment, teaming up with your IT personnel to enhance your business intelligence architecture through Power BI.

Cultural Adoption

Whether you have four internal teams or forty, we serve as your champions for Power BI, training key players and showcasing the impact that clearer data can make.

A Workforce Opportunity Services managed service

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to developing the skills of untapped talent from underserviced and veteran communities through partnerships with organizations. We recruit entry level candidates with a high aptitude for analytics, provide technical skills training and soft skills mentoring and are working to close the technical skills gap in the marketplace, one person at a time.


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